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Brooo Im so mad, the story is just amazing  and engaging, all the characters are really interesting. i honestly thought this was going to be like a game where  you got to keep tabs on the progress with each girl, like a sandbox adventure but this is awesome, hope night two is just as fun because the story got real interesting in the end there!!

P.S: the voice acting some of the scene are great!!

Absolutely amazing game!

do you have an estimate for when night two comes out?

i cant wait.

Demo is out for Night two on itch and steam!

The Game was good the game did good base on storyline and character development it is good even if it's your first game the character design and art are good as well this game does not pay attention on a lot of NSFW content it's really base on the storyline and character development soo it really made me want to see Night 2

Honestly this is one of the best NSFW VNs I've played in a while, so much attention in the visuals, the writing is self aware enough to gloss over and lampshade some aspects without being too in your face, and I could tell is for the sake of pacing, having  world building be optional is a great idea. The designs are sexy and inflated but the writing gives them a lot of character, making them up to be more than just fuck dolls.
The only thing I would revise is the choice in soundtrack, not saying it needs to be an OST, but having tracks that appear in every other YT video fucks with the mood a bit, if is not feasible to get some custom BGM, maybe pick form a more obscure set of copyright free songs?
Apart form that, this is some great stuff, I almost can't believe this is your team's first game. Can't wait for night 2. :D


Thank you!

When will Night Two be ready for Mac ?

We're gonna try to launch with Mac if I can figure out the launch options properly!  We're aiming for it

When you launch on mac, have a scene of a Dallas Cowboy in red leather holding a 

Big Mac Cheeseburger in one hand and an Apple iPhone Smart Phone in the other!

I guarantee you this will get a kick (and/or a rise) out of your audience, I promise!

(I run the F away at full speed as I'm pelted with tons of leftover Halloween candy!)

Coming to Android?

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Not likely.  I've heard it's gotten easier but we're putting our all into N2, no time to mess around with android right now

No podré jugar en mi Android pipipipi :(


It's fine to want girlfriends like Jan, Naomi and Hunter.

But you know what? I wanna be the Adam to somebody's Wolf.

He is the most social man alive

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hey i just played threw the game i loved the art style and loved the work you guys put into this cant wait to see night 2



i just played the newest updated and it reminded me how excited i am for night 2. hows the progress coming, anytime soo


Working as hard as we can!


I avoided this game for a long time, and for good reason. I didnt want to be grabbed by yet another VN that was extremely good, but incomplete. And judging by just the cover and title, I knew it would be the case. But I gave the game a shot on Newgrounds, figuring I couldn't avoid it forever. And dammit if I wasn't right. 

This game is phenomenal. It does what it's trying to do very well, and excels in almost all departments. The artstyle is original, captivating, and erotic as hell when it wants to be. The characters are well designed and, unlike most VN's,  believeable! Art Witch has managed to make a fictional cast of 7 characters have more emotion than most Triple A games do. And not even to mention the story! Well written, plays out fantastically, and made me genuinely feel attached to these characters and their lives. The sexual content feels natural for the characters, even if the MC gets the "magic touch" despite being virgin. Wish I was that lucky 😆

And all of this is why I wouldn't touch this game with a 10 foot pole. I knew this game would grab me, and I knew I would want more. But this is only night ONE. I believe there are 3 total planned, and now that I've played night one I'm almost itching to play the rest.

So whether I recommend this game to you, dear reader, boils down to what kind of person you are. If you're the type to be content and patient, play this game right this second. It's well worth your time. If you're the type that can't wait and needs more, I still highly recommend you play it. But be ready for a yearning in your soul that will only go away when this game fully releases. Either way, play this game immediately. Better yet, support Art Witch and hopefully speed up development! This game is fantastic enough to warrant a $5 price tag at least, so if you're willing to give I very much so would


Wah! Thank you so much! This was so lovely to read <3 

Um, just to clarify, as of the latest version, IS the MC still stated to be a virgin?

I got the feeling that he was "experienced" but a "good guy" not a "ladies man."

As in, he'd had some GF's back in HS but was still relatively "Fresh" to "The Game."

Of course, maybe he just learned a LOT of Lesbian Love Lessons from his "Twin"?

After all, nobody can teach a man how to please a woman like another woman.

Sorry for asking this, but it seems like a good point to clarify. Happy Halloween!


Actually really good question that we thought about probably too much.

We designed the MC to be his own character but he's also a bit of a player stand-in.  We wanted someone people could relate to, but also someone you follow along in his own escapades. Even though he's an introvert, he's not a closeted virgin who's never touched a woman, because frankly how could he fill the needs of two voracious monster girls?   Also ironically we've found some introverts know how to get their freak on pretty well.

So he's experienced in matters of love. He's not great at parties, but he has a few flight hours in the cockpit.  Not like a million hours but he knows how to use it properly. We thought it was a good way to not insult our audience too.

Thank you for asking :)

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Honestly, unless the cast is basically all virgin ala Monmusu (FTW!) that's probably the best way to handle it, a "sexperience point-range sweet spot" (TM) as it were.

And yeah, that old saying "meek in the streets, freak in the sheets" is pretty true.

LOL, just realized, we have:

Adam "The most social man alive" at the extrovert extreme of the spectrum.

The MC('s?) at the "Middle of the road"-ish part of the spectrum (maybe? WIP?)

And interestingly, Naomi at the opposite end from Adam, as a loner by necessity.

She's obviously not some shrinking violet or anti-social, & has a partner, but she's clearly got some (admittedly understandable) issues and of course her job, yet she's also pretty good at "handling" people, except Adam who is her antithesis/bane.

Heh, no wonder she jumped out a window in the ladies' room to ditch the guy! XD

Honestly, Art Witches of the Studio Coven (^~^y) thou hath epic writing skillz! XD

Thanks for all of this! Please keep up the outstanding work, but enjoy the holidays!

Me, My wife, My twin sister, and My Best Friend/Bro-in-law all eagerly await more!

Happy Halloween to thee & thine from me & mine! (Gives French fry to a black cat)


Most thanks! Also Night 2's demo is up on Steam!

We try not to do demo's in order to not use up memory, there's never enough. >~<;

I feel like i recognize the voice actor of Anna but i can´t put my finger on from were.


That'd be the wonderful Ms. Moonified!

First of all, i'm amased of how good the plot is (for me). I was afraid since "betrayal" is a touchy thing for me but it glued me all along to the game. 

Nice work and good luck for the rest ! I'm ready to buy the game if release on steam or just support a little on patreon otherwise. 

Night two will be update here or on another itch page ? Where do we need to follow ?  

This is our Steam for night two!

Eventually we plan to launch on itch with Night Two but the launch starts on steam!

will there be cgi sex scenes


when is the girl version coming out?


We're working on that for after night two. We are still having discussions but it's still something we intend on doing

Props to you on that. I feel like that'll be a bit of hard work to implement, but only due to a few scenes in this.(Well, really all of the pornographic ones other than like... 2 would probably be drastically changed, but I am very excited for that!)


Will night two come out soon?🥲🥲


Working on it as hard as we can!

Will Night 2 be available for Android?

Most likely not. :\

i made the name of the protection you get to lets fuck, its pretty funny when she says it 

I don't have twitter so I'm asking the question here. Will Night Two be available for MacOS? The demo on Steam is for Windows only.

Actually we have a slight problem.  I can build it for Mac, but I can't test it for Mac. That includes the path to the application.  Thank you for reminding me I have to look into this.

Night two will be available for Mac.  

Are you looking for Mac testers?


Is there going to be an option for a girl as the main protagonist or this just going to stay as male dominated?


Our plan is to eventually go into girl mode, but it is a lot of work for night 1 and also night 2. We're still trying to figure it out, but as long as we exist, it's part of the plan


Glad to here it! Obviously theres no rush. I was just curious :) I love the story so far and the art is amazing. 




Working as intended :D



when does night 2 come out?


this was such a good game. Is night 2 out ye



I'm eager to play Night Two


My  god, this game is amazing! How lucky I was to find y'all through a ph let's play.


You can play in android using JoiPlay.


The best lewd game found on the internet. Great story, awesome animations, great dubbind and coolest and sexiest character ever! I'm not yet finished the part one though. 

Just to feedback; I found a crash after decide to let Jan blow the protagonist in the cabinet. I think I would be a dead, but the game crashes. 


if you could get a picture of the stacktrace and send it on our discord, along with what system you're using, that would help a lot!

Although we're thrilled you love it :D

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Really interesting story, great art work that accompany just the right amount of story, lovely characters with super sweet personalities, and even though the voice acting is kind of sparse (as in doesn't cover that much of the text lines), it feels like it often made it into the most "impactful" parts and was generally very good quality. Looking forward to the next part~ <3 (Also Jan+Anna vibes big epicc, I'm simping.) - Ohh, and the humour is great too!


Thank you very much!

Is night two out now?🤔


Not yet.  It's coming though


Can't wait for girl mode! (currently a lesbian just switching up the words in my head) Love the ladies and the story keep it up <3

This might be a stupid question but is this game still available for mac? I remember it used to be and loved the game to pieces but now it says it is not...

So thank you. You reminded me I need to put up a mac version on steam.

A mac version is available here

I saw something about girl mode in the opening text. Um what is that?


Eventually we want to make Sarah the main character as well.  However that's a long way away.

Any good updates since last year ?

We've added several scenes to N1, lots of fixes, a mini game, and we're still working dilligently on N2.

Cool quest! I very impressed!

Thank you!


Played the browser version (I don't quite ike having sexua games on my computer), it was great! It had a good story, the art stye was amazing I really liked the part where Jan And Anna had the "contest". The voice acting, even if partial, was great.

I can't think of anything bad about it (I am new to this genre of games, so I'm not experienced). The only thing I wish it had, was maybe a part where you could get with Naomi.

Overall, brilliant game! Keep up the good work!


Glad you liked it!

 The only thing I wish it had, was maybe a part where you could get with Naomi.

I am more than positive that that was already in the plan. most likely beginning in early or midway through Night 2. These guys, they know what the people want, so they give the people what they want. I wouldn't worry about it too much.  ;>


love the game

Glad you like it!

(2 edits) (+1) fucking god. Look..listen to me. I'm a big fan of animation..but you somehow immersed me with still images and excellent writing. The characters are so expressive! This story is absolute fire and i can't wait for a full thing. Thank you so much for this.......ay but she didn't have to laugh that hard at my dick in the bathroom. 


Love that you love it!

Deleted 328 days ago

We're working on it as hard as we can


An absolutely phenomenal game! Who needs Jojo's references as an easter egg when you've got Monty python and the holy grail lines as bathroom graffiti  :D


Is there an android version planned?

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