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hey what is up with the music every time I play this game it always skip a little bit back and then goes forward

The programmer has been struggling with this problem since release, and we're having a really hard time figuring it out. It has something to do with image loading, I think, and the way HTML5 loads inside web browsers. The best fix for this is to download the game and play it from there instead! 


I cant because i am on a school computer


ma mans got the biggest balls playing porn games on a school computer 

yo anonoymooseoverlord are you a game developer?

i mean a fatass can dream but im still learning so no

ahahahah, I wonder how common this is


I hope you can do something besides talk to Sarah if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*


It looks really good. I hope it'll be available on android one day



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It's only a preview! We can't show you all the good stuff ;) its purpose is to let people know that we are indeed working on the second part!

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well, when will you bring the second one out and will I be able to play it on my browser because whenever I buy anything on this website it only says read-only whenever I open the file and I am on a school computer before you ask art witch studios so please make it playable on my browser.

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I give it   

nut sock/10

I am fully attentive for night 2 

I feel very intimidated right now

I don't like the scene replay sorry... I would like to have an icon/screenshot to show me which part of the story am I looking at? And I hope I can ONLY go through the section I chose, not letting it continue until the end 


We are working on that actually!  It's a problem with screens itself

So is there an imminent date for the release of the 2nd and 3rd night.
Cause loving it so far.  10/10 would nut again.

Glad you loved it!  We're working as hard as we can on the other Nights! We'll let you know when they're out!

Damn, I have to say I am in love with the art style, and not only that the story is fantastic as well. I can't wait to see what the other 2 nights might hold for our main character and hopefully we might get to interact with Naomi, Anna, and Jan during the day. Overall I would rate it handholding outta 10. and uhh if you could be so generous as to grant mine humble self a wish... may we urm "interact" with Naomi possibly maybe have a foursome *cough** cough* She deserves some love as well *cough**cough* unless there is a secret scene that I haven't come across

Thanks for your comment :D I'm so happy to hear you liked it. There's no secret scene, but you might be interested in seeing if your wish is being granted by seeing some of the stuff we've been showing on our twitter ;D

Just finished the game, possibly one of the best story’s I’ve played through in a long time. Very creative and entertaining scenes can’t wait for nights two and three

Thank you so much!

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Not even through it yet but i have to say that this is such a good visual novel.

The art is pleaseant to look at and the voices are wonderful. Cant wait so see were this goes.

Thank you very much!


Why the hell is this so damn good? Came for the porn, actually enjoyed the story quite a bit. And I don't even like visual novels.

That's what we aimed to do!  

Glad you liked it! :D

Great game and great art! Definitely waiting for new versions.

Did you guys win Indie LIFT 2000?

I don't think so :(

when will days 2 and 3 be out?

the only reason I am asking is that I totally love this game

We're super glad you love our game! It is always great to hear

We are hoping to get Night Two out later this year.  We originally wanted to package them all up this year, but there is too much work and not enough time.  

when in the year do you think it will be out

When it's ready! I don't know when it's gonna be ready. We'll know when we're closer to finishing. 

Will there be any interactions with naomi in the future(If you know what I mean lol) ?

A recent twitter post leaves some things for the imagination. ;)

I do not have twitter :( but do you think there might,because to be honest naomi is the best in the story. The most attractive, and interesting character in the story.

I'm gonna leave this here ;)

Any new updates?

You can follow our Twitter for updates as they come :D rest assured we're working on it though!

is night one going to be free only? or is all the nights going to be free?


We're planning on releasing Night 2 and Steam on Itch for a price we haven't settled on. We've been working super hard and putting a lot of work in. And then Night 3 we'll have up for a lessened price for those who bought Night 2. 

Night One will always be free, but it turns out that game dev is really hard and it takes a lot of time, we gotta pay people for the work they've done for us! :O


Sounds fair! good luck for the future and your game is already a masterpiece, Im grateful for the effort you and your team puts on this game so thank you

Thank you!!


Makes sense. I finished Night 1 and loved it, so my only regret is that I can't pre-order the complete series.


Contains handholding? That is far too much degeneracy for me.  You should be ashamed for making something so unspeakably perverted like this.

(Joking if it was not obvious to people.)


IKR, that kind of stuff can scar you psychologically.


You jest, but ironically there's a truth to what you say. There are so many more games with intercourse than with hand-holding or even hugging that you'd think those concepts were taboo. Don't get me wrong, I verily enjoy intercourse, but I also like to think there can be more to intimacy than only that.

In any case, Love Sucks delivers on its promise. Yet another reason I like it so much.

Any chance it'll be uploaded to android? And whens the next update


It's unlikely on android because oracle wants a decent amount of money for their SDK.  This is a new development and we're not a big fan of that.

However, we are working diligently on Night Two, you can check our progress on our twitter!

ah ok ill just need to go look for my old iPhone then 


The audio lags out a LOT for me. It's almost constant. BUT. Other than that this was a true masterpiece! I greatly enjoyed it, and can't wait for the next installment, and the one after that!

I wish I could play the game as a girl, but oh well, you can't win em all. 

Thank you for a fantastic experience.

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The non web is a lot better for audio

And eventually you will be. Girl mode will come eventually!  Check out our twitter for "the plan"

Good to know, thank you! I'll give the non-web version a shot, and check out that twitter. ^-^


Really enjoyed night one. Hoping there's Naomi scenes coming up. Can't wait for Night 2.


I love all of what they did with this project and i can't wait for night two

But is it just me of do i kinda wanna scene with Naomi Lmao

Love goes out to the team!

It's not just you. I'm not particularly interested, but I know others are interested in a scene with Naomi as well. Hope y'all get your wish :)




You may just get your wish in night two ;)


This is a genuinely fantastic game, I wasn't expecting NEARLY as much legitimately quality content as was provided. Interesting plot, beautiful artwork, and sooOOOOO many nuts. Looking forward to night two!


this is a really good game! the storyline is *mwah* perfect


I remain baffled at the quality that this game has. The art is gorgeous, the voicing is superb, and the story it carries is entertaining. Personally, it's the best game I have ever played -- and I have played quite a few! Definitely keeping an eye on future updates and work. I would say to, "Keep up the great work!", but there is not a doubt in my mind that more phenomenal work is being added. Best wishes, and cheers to Art Witch Studios!

Thank you so much for the comment over here too! It really does mean a lot to hear this kind of thing! Rest assured we're going to be doing our very best to deserve this kind of praise again!


i made a account just to comment...
This game.. this game changed my life
cant wait for the next part <3


Hopefully for the better!

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yeah mamen

Hey the game was superb!!

When will the next part release ?

We've started working on Night Two already, ETA: When it's done!

Just finished playing through night one. A good time was had by all :) 

I'll look forward to future instalments.  


There is something about erotic art that actually takes the time to develop characters and have the minimum beyond "lets fuck" for motivation. You guys do more than that with both story and beautiful art, so here is some money. I eagerly await the second day.

Thank you so much!!


I nicknamed Sarah "Buttslut" and that gave me one hell of a laugh when it was revealed that Adam had randomly given her that name at a party, so thanks for that.


nice bro

Thanks bro!


Will the next updates be public or is this a one time? Love your game by the way!

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Night One updates will be public! We're talking about the other days.

Ok thanks!

Do you have any plans to make an android version?


Sorry, probably not.  I just checked into it, just to compile it and throw it up on a whim. But it appears Oracle has a new licensing plan with their SDK when it used to be free. Considering we didn't build it for android and we don't know the market, likely not.

Sorry :\


Great story which actually drew me in. Hell played for free and then decide to donate to it. It is amazing. And the art style is not bad. Do we have any idea when the other parts are going to be released?


I hesitate to announce a date so we don't end up Cyberpunking ourselves. Turns out game dev is hard and it takes longer than we thought. We're still discussing how we're going about Night Two, but any updates will go out on our twitter :D


oh that cyberpunk one still hurts

It's out now bayby

And will be remembered as an overhyped game with a launch akin to stage 5 diarrhea unfortunately. 


Well, like a succubus, this game seems to have a hold on me. Can't wait for more :)


Game blew my expectations! It looked good from the start but the way it all flows, almost like a comic book in a way! Though the sounds and music were stuttering for me so I had to play it muted, but it was still an amazing experience through and through! Enjoyed the story, the references, characters, all of it, really! Can't wait for Night Two!


Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! We're working on tracking down that stuttering audio bug! :D

the game wont load why wont it load.

You mean load as in play or load as in save/load?

Same it won't start up

What browser are you using?

Google chrome


nevermind it has started up no


Ngl, this is one of the few games I look forward to seeing completed.
Good job, keep it up!

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Also, the voice acting was a nice touch. Was very well done, didn't feel intrusive or distracting, and matched the characters quite nicely. Did not expect that at all from an unfinished game- especially since its your first.

Thank you!


is it just me, or this game is perfect


I think it might be you. You're perfect. 🤔

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