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Oh. my. god. SO GOOD! I cant wait for night 2! and hopefully you can put all the nights together :)

It's our plan to sell the whole bundle together eventually :D


is night two going to be free for a limited time like this one?


In like a good way I hope

yes i love it

is there a night two yet? and if not when will it be released?


Not yet, but we're working on it! Currently on track for in the early part of 2022! :D

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so this is easily in the top 10 lewd games I've ever played!

granted it isn't finished, but the story and characters are absolutely FANTASIC!

the scope is nice and grounded, the worldbuilding is believable... okay "suspension of disbelief-able" , which is a hard task for even non lewd games. The plot throws a few nice curve balls without throwing you for a loop. not to mention the art is simply adorable!

the game made me genuinely care about the 4 main characters, and especially the two villains(whose whole goal is to kill you btw), in only a couple of hours. I for one CAN NOT wait until nights two and three come out, and [fingers crossed] even more games in future with these characters.

I can 100% recommend this game, as well as the dev's Patreon, if you have the cash to spare. well worth it IMO


Awh! Thank you so much, this means a lot to hear!

almost forgot the excellent voice acting, my bad.

but yeah, you are definitely welcome, keep up the great work! i look forward to the next parts with eager anticipation




Eventually.  We want to implement other genders later on down the line


it would be kinda cool for LESBIAN.


Just a note, there's a bit on the second night where Naomi tells the MC she told a group of frat boys to "complement" Jan's costume and post a picture of it. The MC asks where they had to post the picture and Naomi answers, "Some poor bastards I picked at random." First, it should be "complimented", with an i and I'm not sure Naomi's answer makes sense with the MC's question.


Oh thank you! Thought we fixed that.  That was also a joke. Some bastards is underlined because it's a hyperlink, and it leads to our twitter.


Oh gotcha, okay, makes sense!


no, 'compliment' is grammatically correct


Correct, but it says "complEment", with an e, not an i, which is a completely different word.


This is fixed for next update


Just wondering, when the FemMC is going to come out?


We haven't figured that out yet.  We thought we could toss out a bunch of stuff and get it done but night two has been our focus.  It will likely be after night two.

Yes, we're disappointed too. But she plays a part in night two!


A sexy vampire who melts over having her backdoor played with... oh I see this going some amazingly hot places in the next release!


As a storyteller myself, I'm quite impressed with this game. The characters, the setting, the plot, the art, all of it is just compelling as hell and really makes the player invest in what's going on. None of the characters feel bland or cookie-cutter, all of their motivations and actions make sense, and the reluctant monster angle in particular is really strong as it sets up an unusual set of stakes where killing the enemy would be relatively easy but stopping them while keeping them alive is both difficult and clearly worthwhile.

The thing is that requires actually caring about the antagonists, and the story does an amazing job of making them sympathetic and worth caring for. Bad storytellers have trouble making the audience care even for the protagonists, and make even world ending threats boring, but this story makes a mere four lives at stake, two of them the ostensible villains of the tale, feel important and impactful. That is just plain good writing, and there is no substitute for it in any form of fiction.

I will definitely be recommending this to my friends who like the sexy supernatural modern genre, and I'll be honest if this was a streaming series it would probably make megabucks on Netflix or the like.

Keep up the great work!


I'm hanging this review on my fridge


Thighs save lives, but these thighs take lives.

(Me thinking every time Jan buts Theo's dick between her thighs.)

Danger Thighs ;)

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Uh huh! ( Nods quickly in agreeance. )


I love this! It isnt just a sex sim, it has a great story. Plus the arts amazing (and so are the sex scenes) ;)

Thank you :D

i agree

Will you ever make an android port for this?

Probably not.  Oracle wants money for the SDK that is used and it's frankly too much to justify it. Sorry.

It works perfectly on Joiplay, for anyone else Interested in playing it on android.

Man! I love this! 

When will night two be released 😇

We are working diligently on that! We'll let people know


Wish I could play it ony my phone since I'm rarely home but good game. Voice acting was great, did not expect much from this but wow. Can't wait for the other parts.

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Agreed, fantastic game. The artwork is especially amazing. Only complaint I have is the whole nickname spiel. It feels too much like the game needs an excuse to have you name the player character. It doesn't need that at all. Just let us choose a name and have that be the name.


Great game, 10/10, would play night two, great nut, played this on web, the audio and game itself stutters but still didn't ruin the experience, great voice acting, great writing, great art.

Thank you very much!

Deleted 24 days ago

Yeah, that's happening a lot with the web game and I spent a month trying to fix it.  I had to give up to work on night two, we recommend playing the pc version, but glad that you enjoyed it!


Wow. I genuinely have no words besides FANTASTIC! Will be checking for the next release, can't wait!! <3

Thank you so much!


Holy shit this game was amazing

Glad you liked it :D


the game both starts on my birthday and has a character in it that shares my last name. Kind of freaky lol


It's about time you got here to play it.  We made it for you.  Happy birthday.


Definitely going to be checking regularly for the next release. The story is interesting and the character models are *mwah* 


We regularly post on our twitter as well, and we talk about it in our discord *wink*

Bro you can feed the cat in this game 100/10 best game ever


Was about to play this but then I saw that it contained handholding and that's not okay.


We respect your boundaries, that's why we have given the warning


Thank you for the warning, good day.


Very nice! One tip for the writers though, it's much more immersive when all the writing is in present tense w/ active voice. Ultimately it's your creative choice of course, but if you're willing to experiment with the style, I'd highly recommend giving it a try!

Still really fun and just the right amount of sexy, looking forward to more.


Holym hell this was good! Hella excited for more!

Glad you enjoyed it!


I played the whole thing so far in 3 hours, I managed to only die once and *cough cough* 6 times with the power of my gut telling me what choices to pick, I'm super excited about future updates keep up the great work!


hey what is up with the music every time I play this game it always skip a little bit back and then goes forward

The programmer has been struggling with this problem since release, and we're having a really hard time figuring it out. It has something to do with image loading, I think, and the way HTML5 loads inside web browsers. The best fix for this is to download the game and play it from there instead! 


I cant because i am on a school computer


ma mans got the biggest balls playing porn games on a school computer 

yo anonoymooseoverlord are you a game developer?

i mean a fatass can dream but im still learning so no

ahahahah, I wonder how common this is


I hope you can do something besides talk to Sarah if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*


It looks really good. I hope it'll be available on android one day



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It's only a preview! We can't show you all the good stuff ;) its purpose is to let people know that we are indeed working on the second part!

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well, when will you bring the second one out and will I be able to play it on my browser because whenever I buy anything on this website it only says read-only whenever I open the file and I am on a school computer before you ask art witch studios so please make it playable on my browser.

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I give it   

nut sock/10

I am fully attentive for night 2 

I feel very intimidated right now

I don't like the scene replay sorry... I would like to have an icon/screenshot to show me which part of the story am I looking at? And I hope I can ONLY go through the section I chose, not letting it continue until the end 


We are working on that actually!  It's a problem with screens itself

So is there an imminent date for the release of the 2nd and 3rd night.
Cause loving it so far.  10/10 would nut again.

Glad you loved it!  We're working as hard as we can on the other Nights! We'll let you know when they're out!

Damn, I have to say I am in love with the art style, and not only that the story is fantastic as well. I can't wait to see what the other 2 nights might hold for our main character and hopefully we might get to interact with Naomi, Anna, and Jan during the day. Overall I would rate it handholding outta 10. and uhh if you could be so generous as to grant mine humble self a wish... may we urm "interact" with Naomi possibly maybe have a foursome *cough** cough* She deserves some love as well *cough**cough* unless there is a secret scene that I haven't come across

Thanks for your comment :D I'm so happy to hear you liked it. There's no secret scene, but you might be interested in seeing if your wish is being granted by seeing some of the stuff we've been showing on our twitter ;D

Just finished the game, possibly one of the best story’s I’ve played through in a long time. Very creative and entertaining scenes can’t wait for nights two and three

Thank you so much!

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Not even through it yet but i have to say that this is such a good visual novel.

The art is pleaseant to look at and the voices are wonderful. Cant wait so see were this goes.

Thank you very much!


Why the hell is this so damn good? Came for the porn, actually enjoyed the story quite a bit. And I don't even like visual novels.

That's what we aimed to do!  

Glad you liked it! :D

Great game and great art! Definitely waiting for new versions.

Did you guys win Indie LIFT 2000?

I don't think so :(

when will days 2 and 3 be out?

the only reason I am asking is that I totally love this game

We're super glad you love our game! It is always great to hear

We are hoping to get Night Two out later this year.  We originally wanted to package them all up this year, but there is too much work and not enough time.  

when in the year do you think it will be out

When it's ready! I don't know when it's gonna be ready. We'll know when we're closer to finishing. 

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